M2 Improved receiver is designed to accommodate anything from a 5,56 mm up to a 12,7 mm caliber. For measurement of gas pressure curves, interior ballistic times, projectile velocities and for ammunition precision tests. Weight of the machine is ~600kg.

The main advantages of the M2 Improved receivers are:

  • Remote trigger firing device
  • Interchangeable firing pin
  • Testing according to NATO (EPVAT), CIP, SAAMI and other standards possible
  • Barrel change system for fast changing of barrels for different calibers
  • Firing a shot is only possible when breech is correctly lock.
  • 5,56×45 NATO Ballistic test barrel
  • 7,62 x 39 CIP Ballistic test barrel
  • 7,62 x 39 SAAMI Ballistic test barrel
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